Going ahead with Renovations

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You have made the decision to carry out the work so now it’s time to think about what is involved: planning permission, endless quotes to find and compare and possible issues with the neighbours. Will it all be worth it? The answer is YES, IT WILL!

We can offer you the right resources to help you through the process from beginning to end.

From our years of professional experience, the following are the main steps to follow and in this order.

  • Contact a trustworthy professional (an architect or building engineer) who can take charge of the project.
  • Clearly define the works involved in order to obtain an initial cost estimate and to confirm whether the project is viable.
  • Assign the project along with the application for the necessary permits and planning permission to your chosen professional.
  • Once the work has been specified, obtain different quotes for the whole of the project.
  • Select the business or businesses that will undertake the work under the management of your project manager.
  • Plan the works carefully, make the appropriate permit applications and ascertain the quality of your chosen providers.
  • With your homework done, you can begin the project in the confidence that all will now go to plan.

Our professionals at Elnido* can take a detailed look at your renovation plans, ensure the viability of the works and provide a fixed quotation for the entire job.

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