Architecture and Building Work

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There comes the time when you will most likely need the help of some type of professional service for your home.
You may need to undertake building workwith other owners in your building or apply for permits or other paperwork for your property. Perhaps you are thinking about building your own home and need the advice of an expert to get you started. It might be that you need to assess and value damage caused to your property by a neighbour. You could be starting your own business and are unsure how to go about finding the right premise.

There are many possible reasons for seeking expert advice. Here are some of the professional services that Elnido* offers.

  • Certificate of Habitability

The Cédula de Habitalidad is a document issued by the Departamento de Vivienda y Medio Ambiente de la Generalidad de Catalunya. It confirms that a property may be used as a dwelling and that it meets all the necessary regulations for habitability.

It is an essential certificate for whenever a property is marketed for sale or rental as well as when contracting utilities. Find out more

  • Energy Performance Certificate

The Certificado de Eficiencia Energética is issued by the Institut Català d'Energía de la Generalitat de Catalunya. It rates a building according to its energy consumption using a classification of A to F from most to least efficient.

Since June 2013, this certificate must be obtained for the purchase, sale or rental of a property.
Find out more

  • Building Technical Inspection (ITE)

The ITE (Inspección Técnica del Edificio), offers a means to periodically assess the condition of properties. It is used to ascertain the obligation of owners to maintain and repair their property.

The ITE is undertaken via a visual inspection by a professional (architect or building engineer) of the accessible areas of a building. A report is then produced that describes the current condition of the building, any issues that have been detected and sets a time frame for repairs to be undertaken. It also provides a rating of the general state of the building. Along with this report, the Generalitat issues a Certificado de Aptitud del Edificio (building aptitude certificate).

Before buying or renting a property it is essential to consult the ITE and find out the general state of the building. Find out more

  • Building Repairs and Grants

Older houses and buildings are likely to need periodic repair work especially to key areas such as roofs, facades and features. Occasionally, replacement rather than repair is necessary as is often the case with deteriorated roofing suffering from water penetration.

Currently, there are building repair grants available that may cover a proportion of the cost of the work as long as certain conditions are met. Fins out more

  • Business Activity Licences

A Licencia Medioambiental is a local permit needed to carry out a business activity that could present environmental, health or safety issues. You must request or obtain the licence prior to starting any business activity at a premises. The licence confirms that all necessary regulations have been adhered to in order for a particular activity to be carried out in a specified location.

  • Project Manager
  • Health and Safety inspections and Quality Control Management
  • Building Surveys (drawing up Plans)
  • Expert Advice and Reports
  • Valuations