Our stake in Barcelona

The Number One in our team is the city of Barcelona itself. This is where we live and work, and carry out the majority of our projects. Barcelona is not only made up of its streets, plazas, neighbourhoods and the surrounding metropolitan area but most certainly by the people who live here.Our team exists thanks to our most important members: you our fellow residents, our friends and our clients


Helena Camps

Architect – Interior Designer

My experience spans more than two decades working on new-builds, full home renovations and providing a unique and personal interior design and decoration service to each of my clients. LinkedIn

José A. García Gil

Architect – Building Engineer

For the past years I have managed a number building works, creativity involved in the projects beyond an architectural contribution; reconciling the interests of the various parties, quality-controlling the final product and ensuring that both timeframes and costs expectations are met. LinkedIn

Our Team

Elnido* is a team of professionals that includes lawyers, financial advisors and engineers all expert in the property and building sectors. We share a common philosophy and ambition to provide a tailored and personalised service to each and everyone of our clients.

“Progress is a gain of independence from an uncertain environment” J. Wagensberg